Spiritual gravity is my explanation for the universal energy flow and how I work with it. Energy flows all around us and affects us constantly. Not only are we continually interacting with the universal energy flow, we also create energy that affects others. Often, we don’t realize that we are doing so.

Peace Crane

We create this energy with our deeds, our words, and our thoughts. Most of us realize that words and deeds have the power to influence others. Have you ever had someone take care of you when you were sick? Or help you find your way when you were lost in an unfamiliar place? Have you ever been crushed by a harsh word from someone you care about? Or uplifted by a compliment from a stranger? Just as words and deeds have power, our thoughts are part of the universal energy flow and can influence ourselves and others. It’s important to realize what kind of energy we create, and understand how we can use this energy to make life better for ourselves and those around us.

It may be helpful to think of energy like wind power. We have been using wind for centuries, but there are rules for using it. Sailing ships have to tack with the wind in order to get where they are going. If they try to fight the wind, the journey can be very difficult. However, going with the wind, rather than against it, makes for much smoother sailing. This energy is what brings karma, miracles, and intuition into our lives. Like the wind, we can learn to flow with this energy for an easier, more pleasant journey through life.

Sailing Ship

I have been fascinated with energy flow and exploring spiritual ideas for the majority of my life. As a young child gazing up at the stars, I realized that I was part of something much bigger. In 1979, I began studying aikido, a defensive martial art that emphasizes how to blend with and redirect the energy of an opponent. Studying energy from a physical, as well as spiritual, realm has given me a unique perspective on how energy flows – and how to use it and work with it.

Spiritual Gravity is an observation of how our personal energy flows. Together, we will explore how to better guide our energy to avoid causing ourselves unnecessary problems, as well as learn ways to make it flow more smoothly. In doing so, we can improve our own lives and the lives of those around us.