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Embracing Change: Resistance to Acceptance

One of my biggest struggles in life is that I am resistant to change. To counteract this tendency, I began looking for small ways to change up different patterns in my life to help me learn to accept changes gradually.... Continue Reading →

Shodan to Sensei: An Aikido Journey

When I first stumbled onto aikido in 1979, I was looking for little more than a way to keep in shape and possibly learn a few self-defense moves. One of my students recently asked me why I'm still practicing...wouldn't I... Continue Reading →

Aikido: Karma in Physical Form

If we learn to flow with someone else, we also learn to flow within ourselves. Aikido has led me to a place in my life where I have tried to make sense of energy flows. In aikido, we study the... Continue Reading →

Aikido: Advice for the Kyu Grades

You may sometimes wonder if aikido is worth all of the time and effort you are putting in. I think so. Of course, there is the self-defense aspect of it. The ukemi (falling) skills may serve you well throughout your life also. You will experience the camaraderie of your fellow students, the challenge of learning new things, and the pride of accomplishment. Most important, though, are the friendships you will develop over the years.

Aikido Principles: Open-Close-Open Step Sweep Drill

The open-close-open-step-sweep drill is a judo drill that I use to improve efficiency in my aikido training. In this drill, you open your hip by pointing your toes on one foot outward, away from your body. Then close your hips... Continue Reading →

Aikido Principles: Drop Step

The drop step is a simple concept, but it takes some practice to truly master this technique. This is a method of maximizing the efficiency of your movement. To do a drop step: Slowly begin leaning forward from a standing... Continue Reading →

Aikido Principles: Evasion Steps

Aikido is widely known a "peaceful" martial art. This means that we try to avoid conflict as much as possible. In the aikido world, we believe that the most successful fight is the one that doesn't happen. In our Tomiki... Continue Reading →

Finding Aikido

Life is full of small miracles. Some people like to call them “coincidences”, but I think that “small miracles” is a much more fitting term. For me, Aikido has been a life-changing journey that has shaped me as a martial... Continue Reading →

Aikido Principles: Unbendable Arm

One of the fundamental concepts we use in aikido is the "unbendable arm". This is used in other martial arts as well, such as tai chi. The unbendable arm can be a difficult concept to grasp at first, but it... Continue Reading →

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