Learning how to turn effectively – in the most efficient way possible – can really improve your aikido practice. For an effective turn, it is very important to have your hand in your center, with unbendable arm.  If your hand is outside your center, you lose structure. This causes you to be vulnerable to a counterattack.  However, if you can get in the habit of keeping your hand in your center, you will discover that if gives you the opportunity to go in a different direction if needed.

The move demonstrated in the video is for of the “Walk” – a series of basic movements in our Tomiki-style aikido practice.  Usually we tend to focus on “same-hand, same-foot”, which means that the foot that is stepping is usually on the same side as the hand that is engaged. However, we must also learn to deal with exceptions. The turn in this video involves the opposite hand and foot, and demonstrates how to get back in sync as efficiently as possible by using an aikido turn.

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