Have you ever said something and immediately asked yourself “Did I really mean that? Is it true?”

For example, have you ever said to yourself “I’m such an idiot!” after messing up a presentation at school or work? Or “I’m a horrible friend!” after forgetting an arranged get-together for coffee and chat. We all make mistakes, but if you really analyze statements like these, you’ll no doubt realize that what you said really isn’t true at all.

Our thoughts and words have energy. It’s important to be careful what we say and think because it can cause problems without us knowing it. This is especially problematic when we don’t immediately realize that what we said may not be true. We might even believe it at the time, and perhaps act on it, all because of an erroneous thought.

This video explores how we can better listen to the words we say, such as how to listen for those “magnet words” such as “always”, “never”, and “ever”. Learning to control our words and thoughts, and re-frame them in more positive ways, can go a long way towards improving our mental well-being.

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