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How I Developed my Spiritual Muscle

Developing spiritual muscle is important to any spiritual practice. If done regularly, it can increase the positive energy flow and make your life better. Here's a video describing my spiritual practice and how you can put it to work in... Continue Reading →

Full Moon

According to science, the moon doesn't have any direct effect on our behavior or personality. If you can't prove something, then we have a tendency to believe that it doesn't exist. However, there are many things that we *know* exist,... Continue Reading →

Extraordinary Knowing

Extraordinary Knowing by Elisabeth Lloyd Mayer Ph. D.   if you are not sure that there isn't something going on that we can't explain then maybe this book will help. I have known that there is something extra, maybe magical,... Continue Reading →

On Death and Dying

Throughout my years, I have come to the realization that there are a lot of things in this world that we don't really have answers for. There is more to this world that we can currently explain. I'm going to... Continue Reading →

Aikido Fundamentals: Wrist Drill


Aikido Fundamentals: Timing Drill

Timing is one of the essential elements in your aikido practice. If you can develop good timing, this will greatly reduce the energy that you need to put in. This takes practice, but having a good feel for the timing... Continue Reading →

Aikido Fundamentals: Balance Breaks

In aikido the balance break starts the energy flow and leads you into the timing of the motions. The feel of the opponent's rise and fall helps you learn to know when to respond. The timing of your response is... Continue Reading →

Aikido Fundamentals: Evasion

Evasion is an essential skill in our style of aikido. It comprises the first three movements in the Walk, and is one of the first skills we teach a new student. Evasion teaches you where ma-ai (distance between you and... Continue Reading →

Aikido Fundamentals: Eye Contact

Eye contact is very important in aikido. A person's eyes project more information than most people realize. By getting into the habit of watching an opponent's eyes, you will be able to sense what they are going to do before... Continue Reading →

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