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The Seventeen: 5. Ushiroate

Ushiroate is the fifth technique of "The Seventeen" kata. It translates to "behind strike", as tori is actually behind the uke when the throw is executed. We begin this technique by stepping with the "wrong" foot - as the right... Continue Reading →


The Seventeen: 4. Gedanate

Gedanate is the fourth move in "The Seventeen" kata. It is a response to a failed gyakugamaeate. In gyakugamaeate, tori attempts an eye threat on the attacker. In this move, the eye threat is blocked and tori's arm is trapped... Continue Reading →

The Seventeen: 3. Gyakugamaeate

The third move in “The 17” is called gyakugamaeate. Like the previous moves, this is one of the striking techniques. Gyakugamaeate translates to reverse posture strike. In this technique, we begin with a normal balance break. One the attacker is... Continue Reading →

The Seventeen: 2. Aigamaeate

The second move in "The 17" is called aigamaeate. It roughly translates to forward posture strike. Aigamaeate is part of the atemi waza, or striking techniques. In this technique, tori's objective is to first perform a balance break. The attacker's... Continue Reading →

The Seventeen: 1. Shomenate

Ju Nana Hon Kata - also known as "The 17" is one of the first katas we learn in our aikido curriculum. This video series will demonstrate each of the moves in 'The 17', the way they are taught in... Continue Reading →

Attitude of Gratitude

Gratitude is a magnet attitude. By making gratitude a part of our everyday life, I believe we will attract things to us. It's easy to wander through our days on autopilot. Sometimes we bury ourselves in our phones and technology.... Continue Reading →

The Karma of Thoughts

I believe that the idea of karma - the belief that what you give out, whether positive or negative - is just another way of describing energy. We all send our energy into the world. Sometimes it might be happy... Continue Reading →

Comprehending Karma

The idea of karma is a difficult one to explain. Most of us have grown up hearing phrases like the following: “What you sow, so shall you reap” “Do unto others as you would have them do unto you” “Judge... Continue Reading →

Discovering Spiritual Gravity

When I was very young, I looked up into the starry sky and realized that I am a part of something bigger. I didn’t quite comprehend the sheer vastness of the universe and how I fit into it, but I... Continue Reading →

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