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The Big Ten: 2. Kubi Garuma

The second move of the "Big 10" is called Kubi Garuma. The Japanese word "garuma" roughly translates into "wheel". This refers to the circular motion of the throw in this move, as well as the next few moves to follow.... Continue Reading →


The Big Ten: 1. Kata Otoshi

In "The Seventeen" kata, we focused on working at ma-ai distance. This is the distance at which a person is close enough to pose a potential threat. If two people stand facing each other and stretch their arms out so... Continue Reading →

The Seventeen: 17. Hiki Otoshi

The 17th and final move in this kata is called hiki otoshi, translating roughly to "pull and drop". It is a reaction off of a failed mae otoshi, where uke turns back to encounter tori head-on. Tori is forced to... Continue Reading →

The Seventeen: 16. Sumi Otoshi

The 16th move in this kata is called sumi otoshi, or rear corner drop. It is a reaction off of a failed mae otoshi, where uke resists the mae otoshi by pulling his arm back. As tori follows uke's pull... Continue Reading →

The Seventeen: 15. Mae Otoshi

The 15th technique in "The 17" kata is called mae otoshi, or forward drop. This technique is a response to a shiho nage where, at the end of the hip switch, the attacker turns away and tries to pull free.... Continue Reading →

The Seventeen: 14. Shiho Nage

Shiho nage (also sometimes called tenkai kotegaishi) is the 14th move in "The Seventeen" kata. It begins with a balance break using the "inside butterfly" grip (resulting in an arm coil). Like in shomenate, tori ends up in a potentially... Continue Reading →

The Seventeen: 13. Tenkai Kote Hineri

Tenkai kote hineri is the 13th technique of "The Seventeen" kata. It translates to rotating wrist twist. In this technique, tori does the balance break using the "outside butterfly" grip while evading with a sideways or "goblet" step. As the... Continue Reading →

The Seventeen: 12. Kote Gaeshi

Kote gaeshi is the 12th technique in "The Seventeen" kata. Translating to "wrist twist", this move results when the attacker is able to push his way out of kote hineri. As the attacker completes his recovery step from kote hineri,... Continue Reading →

The Seventeen: 11. Kote Hineri

The 11th move in Ju Nana Hon (The Seventeen) kata is called kote hineri. Translating to "wrist twist", this technique appears very similar to oshi taoshi. However, this move requires tori to be even more fine-tuned in the response to... Continue Reading →

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