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The Seventeen: 11. Kote Hineri

The 11th move in Ju Nana Hon (The Seventeen) kata is called kote hineri. Translating to "wrist twist", this technique appears very similar to oshi taoshi. However, this move requires tori to be even more fine-tuned in the response to... Continue Reading →


The Seventeen: 10. Waki Gatame

The 10th move in "The Seventeen" kata is called waki gatame. It translates to "side arm lock". In waki gatame, tori executes the balance break using what we call an "up butterfly" grip, with the thumbs catching the bottom of... Continue Reading →

The Seventeen: 9. Ude Hineri

The ninth move in "The Seventeen" kata is called ude hineri. It translates to "arm twist". This move is a failure of hiki taoshi, in the event that the attacker is able to pull his/her arm back away from tori.... Continue Reading →

The Seventeen:8. Hiki Taoshi

Until this point, the kata we have learned in "The Seventeen" have mainly involved pushing. In hiki taoshi, however, we use pulling (not with the arm, but the entire body). Using the outside butterfly grip, tori executes the balance break.... Continue Reading →

The Seventeen: 7. Ude Gaeshi

The seventh technique in "The Seventeen" is called ude gaeshi. It translates to "arm reversal" and is a failure of the sixth technique, oshi taoshi. In ude gaeshi, uke attempts to push free of oshi taoshi. As this happens, tori... Continue Reading →

The Seventeen: 6. Oshi Taoshi

Oshi taoshi is the 6th technique in "The Seventeen". It is also the beginning of hiji waza, or the elbow techniques. In oshi taoshi, a standard balance break is performed, and uke attempts to recover by pulling his arm back.... Continue Reading →

The Seventeen: 5. Ushiroate

Ushiroate is the fifth technique of "The Seventeen" kata. It translates to "behind strike", as tori is actually behind the uke when the throw is executed. We begin this technique by stepping with the "wrong" foot - as the right... Continue Reading →

The Seventeen: 4. Gedanate

Gedanate is the fourth move in "The Seventeen" kata. It is a response to a failed gyakugamaeate. In gyakugamaeate, tori attempts an eye threat on the attacker. In this move, the eye threat is blocked and tori's arm is trapped... Continue Reading →

The Seventeen: 3. Gyakugamaeate

The third move in “The 17” is called gyakugamaeate. Like the previous moves, this is one of the striking techniques. Gyakugamaeate translates to reverse posture strike. In this technique, we begin with a normal balance break. One the attacker is... Continue Reading →

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